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Reasons to Collect Coins

Posted by Kevin Elliott on

I wrote a post recently regarding coins and how people focus their collections, now I would like to define some reasons that we get into this fun hobby and why you should start if you haven't already. Coin collecting has its ups and downs like almost any hobby but it keeps us entertained and gives us something to show off and take our minds away from the stresses in life. So without further ado, here are some great reasons to be a coin collector.

1. Make Money. I had to start with this one as it is not the most obvious to some, especially new coin collectors. Over my time of coin collecting I have seem numerous coins gain value over time and very rarely see the value diminish. Prices tend to rise with metal and rarely loses value when metal does. This makes it a very little risk hobby. Rare coins and lucky finds can become lead to a small or even big fortune that could set you for life.

2. Educational. In what way does coin collecting become educational? Well you are collecting history, so why not learn about what you have or interested in collecting. Studying the background of coins more often than not leads to interesting historical facts.

3. Great for time with loved ones.Not only can you pass on coins down to your kids in the hope that they continue to gain value, but you can learn and collect together. The more involved the better. Teach your kids or whoever you collect with the value of investment and also the history. Show them how to properly care for the coins and to help continue building the collection. Share the excitement with each other. 

4. Metal. You can't go anywhere nowadays without seeing advertisements for people wanting to buy your gold or silver. The reason being? They know the value will increase and they will more than likely cash in eventually on their investment. Right now the supply is limited so the value continues to increase. Just something to think about the next time you have coins in your hand, pocket or piggy bank.

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