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Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar Note - The Hottest Collectible

Posted by Kevin Elliott on

The 100 Trillion Dollar Banknote is the hottest collectible in currency anywhere. We our consistently bringing in huge quantities of this bank note and selling them right off, but why so popular?

Well it is one of the highest denomination of currency ever created for starts. Its great for party gifts, showing off to your friends or hanging in your house. Economy buffs love it as well as banknote collectors.

They can be purchased in any quantity, just contact us if there is something other that what is posted. We always keep stacks of authentic graded  banknotes that can be shipped out quickly. Prices are rising everywhere else due to popularity, but we keep our prices right and services legendary. 

A few years back we were selling these at around $5 a banknote. Now these banknotes can be found at prices over $150 a banknote, but not here, we keep the best prices around.

Just a little background info on Zimbabwe currency and how the 100 Trillion Dollar Banknote came to be. 

Zimbabwe was actually known as Rhodesia a long time ago before changing its name to the aforementioned. The Zimbabwe dollar was then created and was worth about $1.47 USD. Over time the value of the Zimbabwe dollar became lower and lower. By 2006 it had been worth pennies on the dollar in comparison and then hyperinflation kicked in. This caused the Zimbabwe government to issue 4 round of currency devaluations and it finished with the 100 Trillion Dollar Banknote that has become one of the most sought after collectibles in banknote collecting. 

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