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1 oz Engelhard Silver Bar -

1 oz Engelhard Silver Bar

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hese rare bars have not been produced since the mid-1980s, and the Engelhard Corporation was sold to BASF chemicals in 2006. But investors in precious metals have always valued the products made by Engelhard which was at one point the world’s largest mint for precious metal products and the world’s largest precious metals smelter.

These vintage one-ounce bars are simply designed, with the Engelhard trademark insignia located on the front along with the specifications 1 TROY OUNCE, FINE SILVER, ENGELHARD, and the bar’s personal registration number. The reverse side of the bar is embossed with a repeating pattern of the word ENGELHARD set on a diagonal.

While these highly sought after bars do not possess a shiny finish, they are extremely popular and valuable because of their Engelhard heritage. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of precious metal bullion bars, rare, special-edition, and limited-edition coins produced by the finest mints in the world

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