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10 Gram PAMP Suisse Fortuna Veriscan Gold Bar (New in Assay) -

10 Gram PAMP Suisse Fortuna Veriscan Gold Bar (New in Assay)

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PAMP Suisse is recognized around the globe as one of the finest precious metal refineries. Operating in Ticino, Switzerland since 1977, its most popular product to date is the Gold Fortuna Bar. Featuring an image of the Roman goddess Fortuna, PAMP Suisse mints every bar using .9999 fine gold. Today, you can get your very own 10 Gram PAMP Suisse Fortuna Veriscan Gold Bar from

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains  10 grams of .9999 fine gold.
  • Individual bars ship in sealed plastic with an Assay card, and multiples of 25 ship in boxes.
  • PAMP Suisse’s exclusive Veriscan technology effectively identifies any registered bullion product and aids in the detection of counterfeits.
  • Obverse: Design of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune and luck.
  • Reverse: Weight and purity, along with an individualized serial number.

Fortuna was a goddess in Roman mythology, associated with good fortune and luck. Two of the earliest temples ever mentioned in Roman Calendars were built in honor of Fortuna. No date is known for the construction of the first temple, but the second was believed to have been built in 293 BC. Her identity in Roman culture was closely associated with a personification of chance events, and closely tied to the Latin word “virtus,” meaning strength of character.

In an effort to curb the threat of counterfeit precious metal products, PAMP Suisse developed its unique Veriscan technology to help authenticate its gold bars. As bars are minted, their surface is scanned to create a unique fingerprint, of sorts, for the bar. That unique identity is associated with the QR code located on the bar’s assay card, which can be scanned by purchasers to verify its identify.

On the obverse side of the PAMP Suisse Gold Fortuna 10 Gram Bar is the image of Fortuna, with a cornucopia atop her head bearing bountiful wealth. With a blindfold over her hands, she manages to capture the wealth from her cornucopia in her clasped hands. The reverse side includes engravings of the bar’s weight, metal content, and purity, as well as the corporate logo, assayer’s mark, and individual serial number for the product.

PAMP Suisse is part of the Geneva-based MKS Group. A global player in precious metals and financial services, MKS Group combines 50 years of experience in the industries it serves with PAMP Suisse’s state-of-the-art refineries to create products that are a must-have for investors and collectors.

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